What You Need to Know About Infusion Therapy


Infusion therapy is one method for administering drugs to the patient. While most healthcare facilities are equipped to do intravenous administration, infusion therapy can be done at the comfort of one’s home. This saves time for the patient who usually go to a clinic just for an infusion therapy session.

For a home infusion therapy to be successfully performed at home, the following must be available. First, the drug or medicine should be ready. Equipment like a pump can be used while supplies include catheters and tubing. Your skilled nurse is certified to perform this procedure. They can train the caregiver to administer the drug. In some cases, when the patient is able and willing, self-administration may be taught.

Another important component in the nursing services is patient and family education to address any worries and concerns of the patient and the family. Just like other medications, there may be side effects to watch out for.

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