Taking Care of Post-Surgery Incision Wound


After surgery, the incision would need care as it heals. To avoid infection, limit scarring, and lessen pain, the wound needs to be carefully given attention. Your doctor will give instructions as to how to clean the wound, change the dressing, and what changes in the wound area are likely signs of infection. Skilled nurses in home care services can also look after you and your wound post-operation.

Personal care assistance might also be needed after surgery. Some wounds need to be dry for a while. This can make taking a shower difficult. Optimal HomeCare Services, Inc. has home health aides who can help you in your daily living while you are recovering.

Moreover, if you see signs of infection like a yellow or green discharge, a change in the odor of the discharge, a change in the size of the incision, and/or redness or hardening of the surrounding area, contact your doctor immediately. Your provider of home health care in Park Forest, Illinois can assist you in making an appointment and visiting your doctor if needed.

If you are recovering from surgery and need a professional provider of health services in Illinois, you can contact or visit us. We are ready and available to be of service to you.

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