Self-Care for Caregivers: Know How to Prevent Stress

Self-Care for Caregivers: Know How to Prevent Stress

During this unprecedented time, caregivers are on the front lines providing home health services and comfort for elderly patients. As first responders, they often experience stress due to fatigue, heavy workload, and responding to emergency situations.

If you are a provider of caregiving and health services in Illinois, you should remember to keep yourself safe. This way you can continue to take care of other people. Here are some self-care tips you should follow:

  • Create a routine for yourself
    By maintaining a daily routine, you can foster a sense of control in this uncertain time. You can wake up at the same time every day, do morning exercises, and maintain a consistent bedtime.
  • Limit media consumption
    Make sure that you take breaks from watching, listening, or reading news stories, including social media. Too much media exposure can have a negative effect on your mental health.
  • Take a break
    Assisting seniors with their personal care needs is challenging, you should make time to unwind and do activities you enjoy.
  • Connect with family and friends
    Set a time to call your family and friends. Talking to someone about your concerns can help ease stress.

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