How to Overcome Common Medication Adherence Barriers


Medication adherence has always been a challenge for most seniors. In fact, most non-adherence result in potential harm to seniors and increased healthcare costs. If this is the case for your senior loved one, you must contact their doctor to understand why they miss taking their medication.

At Optimal HomeCare Services, Inc., we are committed to helping families keep their aging loved ones safe. This is why our home health care in Park Forest, Illinois has listed the most common medication adherence barriers and associated solutions.

  • Cost
    The high cost of medications is a major barrier to medication adherence. To overcome this, you may buy generic medications, ask for samples from your doctor, or check if the medication is covered by your senior’s insurance plan.
  • No established routine
    Without a set routine, seniors often forget to take their medications. The solution to this is pairing their medication dose with daily activity. Another option is taking their medication after doing personal care tasks, such as bathing or brushing their teeth.
  • Fear
    Your senior loved one may fear the potential side effects of the medications they’re taking. To ease your senior’s worries, you need to schedule regular medication reviews with their primary healthcare provider.

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