How Clutter Leads to Feeling Awful

In our drive to set the standards of home health care in Park Forest, Illinois, we strive to cover every need of our patients. Ensuring their home health is a combination of the patient’s health and their enabling environment.

Cleanliness is important. It is about hygiene, safety, and visual comfort. You may notice feeling awful in a cluttered environment. That is why housekeeping and organizing are critical points to ensure a patient’s quality of life at home.

Clutter does not only occupy space in our homes – it occupies spaces in our minds. We begin to feel burdened and overwhelmed as clutter piles up. We then worry as the list goes on and on. But when the space is clean and organized, we feel calm. We are at ease knowing everything is in order.

However, the situation can get challenging for the patient and the family. With added tasks for monitoring the patient’s condition, housekeeping and other household chores may be deprioritized, done later, or unfortunately forgotten. This is why we are here. We go beyond personal care to ensure hygiene.

Our health services in Illinois are all about you. Call Optimal HomeCare Services, Inc. and let us start talking.

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