Diabetes Management Tips for Elderly People

Diabetes Management Tips for Elderly People

As an age-related disease, diabetes is common among elderly people. This is the reason a diabetes care plan is often integrated with most programs on home health care in Park Forest, Illinois. A combined diet, supplementation, medication, and other lifestyle adjustments are often given to patients with this condition.

Diabetes in the US: Quick Stats
In the year 2018, the American Diabetes Association records that 10.5% of the American population (roughly 34.2 million people) are diagnosed with diabetes. And this number is expected to grow, knowing that 88 million Americans 18 years old and under have signs of prediabetes.

Ways to Cope with Diabetes
Medical professionals and providers of health services in Illinois have been contributing to the prevention and awareness of this health concern. And experts suggest the following ways to help elderly people cope with this age-related disease:

  • Include proper diet and nutrition in the home health care plan for seniors. Control sugar intake.
  • Consult a doctor about the apt physical activities for the elderly. Exercise helps regulate glucose levels.
  • Improve medication compliance.
  • Undergo regular testing, especially for their blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol level.
  • Increase their awareness of their condition.
  • Encourage the elderly to practice meditation and other stress-relief techniques to help them avoid binge eating of sweets.

As a lifestyle-related disease, diabetes can also be managed through lifestyle adjustments. It also helps to avail of personal care and other condition-specific care plans at Optimal HomeCare Services, Inc. Yes, making the switch to a healthier life might be challenging. But just being there with your loved ones as they make these changes can do so well in inspiring them.

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