A Morning Routine for Seniors Must Include Exercise

a-morning-routine-for-seniors-must-include-exerciseYour senior loved one may be a morning person. Maybe they aren’t. Regardless of which, they probably have a morning routine that they follow. Whatever their morning routine is, encouraging them to include exercise in it is something worth considering.

Exercise is an excellent way to improve a senior adult’s mood. For instance, if your senior loved one is not a morning person and can be grouchy, you will notice a difference in their mood after they exercise. Aside from that, you will see an increase in their ability to focus on their activities. That’s because exercise can stimulate the mind and keep it active.

The question now is how to encourage your senior loved one to exercise. Here’s a tip: have someone exercise with them. If that someone can’t be you because you have work or other responsibilities, you can have a caregiver from home care services be their exercise buddy.

A caregiver can do more than just provide personal care. They can be great companions in whatever activity their clients engage in, like exercising.

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